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Welcome to the Web HQ of Free State of Renasia

An independent nation sometimes more simply referred to as Renasia, is a small English-speaking micronation located within the claims of the United Kingdom. It is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, in which it holds the ceremonial ‘Founder’ position, and a member of the Sovereign Order of the Open Book. It is primarily located in Central England, with inhabited claims in London, UK and Hertfordshire, UK, with other claims, currently uninhabited both in Torbay, Devon, the Hydris Seasteading Zone and the entire of Haskeir.

Renasia is a part of the Scientopian Legacy, a socio-legal continuum, tracing Renasia’s roots back to 2008, when it first arrived on the wiki as Scientopia. It helped to build up the community, with other who were around at the time, and created the Grand Unified Micronational. Its strong commitment to scientific and technological advancement set it aside for a majority of it’s existence, but now with organisations like the Sovereign Order of the Open Book more technocratic and science oriented nation have emerged, creating a sub-culture within the MicroWiki.

Renasia is a developed micronation, set to increase it’s economic activity in 2012. It has already a unique currency in the Pecune and holds a stock of silver and macronational currency, to back up it’s worth, currently 1 pecune holds a value of £0.66. It has a defined culture, and an extensive scientific background, including it very own company/research institute, RenTech. It is part of the European Micronational Culture Organisation, and has been since near the organisation’s inception. With a heavy focus still on advancing technologically, Renasia stands as the MicroWiki’s first Technocratic, science-focused nation.

More information can be found here.